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Jul 28, 2011 6:00pm PDT
have had a series of tragic news stories. >> rebecca brooks, former editor, describes her pain as her dear friend. they worked together to campaign for sara's law, the public right to know where pedophiles are living. tonight, rebekah brooks said the allegations are a port and upsetting. the idea that anybody on the newspaper knew that sarah payne at or target it is unthinkable. the campaign began in 2000. the man was arrested in 2006. it is not known when he obtained the phone information, whether he intercepted her voice mail and who may have requested it. but it was -- but if it was "news international," this was the reaction. >> what they gave personal support to sara payne and her family. they produced literature, campaign materials, party conferences, introduced her to politicians. i see this as the ultimate betrayal of trust. >> there were high-level meetings and a mobile phone. it may be the one that was targeted. sources linked to miss brooks and the newspaper have said the voice mail on this fund was not activated until 18 months ago, suggesting there were no messages. today
Jul 29, 2011 12:00pm PDT
thanks for watching, have a good weekend. cnn newsroom continues with brooke baldwin. >> hello to you, i'm brooke baldwin. let me explain this, four days away now, four days from potentially a u.s. default. at this late stage in the game here, republicans ramped up demands for raising the debt ceiling. the demands deemed not starters from the president, hard line house republicans, they are the ones demanding congress agree to pass a balanced budget amendment, not just vote on the thing, but approve it by the end of the year or shortly thereafter. so, late this afternoon or this evening, we will get a vote on the debt reduction plan that includes that demand, it's a redraft of the boehner plan that failed last night. here's something else -- i have to tell you right now here, this has to do with the president. he reemerged into the spotlight and is saying the two sides here really aren't too terribly far apart and the deal can be done by the august 2nd, tuesday deadline. let's listen to the president, this is when he spoke around 10:30 this morning. let's listen. >> good morning,
Jul 29, 2011 11:30am PDT
is the appropriate work. this is not something we would want to pay for. >> mr. brooks is giving a scope of work and he just to find it as the language which is not in scope of work but rather an indication of what would be done anyway. >> i don't want to get hung up on the terminology. we believe that we can amend the contract. we can work with whoever to figure out what those tasks are. mr. brooks would like you to accept the list that has been prepared that we have objected to. we do not believe these of the tasks that are appropriate. we would like it to be included so that you can force the staff to agree with them rather than the regular negotiation process. >> we should not because -- i would be happy to go over this. this continue refers back to the 2007 ordinances which talk about a 360 megawatt program. we offered you a 30 megawatt program and one was to reduce debt and some because of the risk involved. trying to implement a program that we are not trying to implement is a strange thing to try to get someone to do. we're looking at a rollout and having someone to work fo
Jul 29, 2011 3:00pm EDT
situation room" later today at 5:00 p.m. eastern. i think you'll be interested, brooke. >> i'll look forward to it. and one of the favorite lines from the president i heard today, he said about how we might lose that aaa system, and he said, essentially paraphrasing, our political system is not the same aaa. wolf blitzer, we'll be looking for you in an hour. thanks so much. >>> and now top of this hour, watch this -- down to the wire. washington mired in gridlock. and the president once again calling on the people. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. >> keep the pressure on washington and we can get past this. >> democrats caving on taxes. is there anything republicans will say yes to? i'll ask senator rob portman, republican from ohio. >>> what happened to celina cass? it's the mystery that now involves every single person in her small new hampshire town. >> we are marshaling all resources available to us. >> and the search moving beyond borders. >>> the heat brings out a bumper crop in texas, but not the kind they want or need. >>> look out! we're like a dog with a bone -- or a po
Jul 29, 2011 12:30am PDT
series of terrible and tragic news, starting with their pain. >> and rebecca brooks described sarah palin as her dear friend. -- sara payne as her dear friend. tonight, rebecca burk said these allegations are abhorrent -- rebecca brooks said these allegations are abhorrent. the sarah's la campaign began in 2000. glenn martarello was arrested in 2006. it is not known when he obtained her information or who might have requested it. if it was news international, this was the reaction of one mp. >> news international did not just campaign for sarah's law. they produced literature, campaign materials, took her to party conferences and introduce her to party politicians. i see this as the ultimate betrayal of trust. >> the newspaper hackers provided the mobile phone. it may be the one targeted. but sources linked to mrs. brooks said the voice mail on this loan was not activated until 18 months ago, suggesting there were no messages. today's allegations surfaced hours after lord justice levenson said his judicial inquiry could begin while the police investigate. >> it should be possible to
Jul 29, 2011 5:00am EDT
brooks of the mta system. >> we have a delay on light route running about 15 minutes behind schedule. the 48 and the number 3 bus lines are running with some delays this point. the 60 plan continues to be diverting at falstaffs because of construction. our first check on the penn, camden, and brunswick lines is showing no delays. i am of vanetta brooks. now back to tony pann. >> we're starting out with muggy conditions. there have been some sprinkles in some neighborhoods. we have a warm front going through and pushing into southern pennsylvania. we are certainly into the hot and steamy air mass of the system. we're watching a cold front coming across the upper midwest. that will produce some showers and thunderstorms for us tonight. this front will take care of the heat and humidity. those storms may visit us tonight as the cold front comes through. it will be uncomfortable in the short term. 83 downtown. 75 in cockeysville. the dew points are running in the mid 70's. 10 degrees warmer than it yesterday. it feels tropical and on comfortable. temperatures into the upper 90's and clos
Jul 29, 2011 2:30pm PDT
program. i want to give a big thank-you to linda brooks burton. [applause] because linda brooks britain last march invited me to plan this program, and i want to thank helen, who i work with in san francisco unified because she introduced me to bryonn bain, and she always introduces me to the various artists that come in to work in the school district. as i learned about bryonn and experienced his presence and i was thinking about putting together this program, it just clicked -- why not bring the two together to bring this link from the past unsegregated jim crow to what is happening in the 21st century and that has been happening? i think i was inspired by michele alexander's booke." >> it is my pleasure to say, ms. colvin, without you we would not be where we are. [applause] thank you for sharing your story, and keep telling your story because we need to know, and our children need to know, and our children's children need to know your story. and we want to thank our sponsors today. we have the san francisco unified school district. we have marked as bookstores, who will be s
Jul 29, 2011 2:00pm EDT
powerful ally at nrm"ne of the world," and that woman was the editor at the time rebekah brooks, and now there is question about the sincerity of their relationship. and jay, as we hear more about this, it is disturbing to see if this is true the motivation behind it. >> yeah, absolutely, thomas. always good to talk to you, and there is new outrage tonight. the latest nurn t eest turn in investigation has revealed that sarah payne, the mother of the 8-year-old girl was a victim of the hacking scandal and initially not thought to be on the list of phones who had been hacked, but a closer look shows that payne's voice mails had been listened to by a representative of the "news of the world" tabloid, and the newspaper was involved in the campaign for tougher child abduction laws and instrumental in the sarah's law named after the little girl. it was at that time that "news of the world" gave payne a cell phone and she said she considered then editor rebekah brooks a friend, and wrote an editorial in the final edition of the tabloid saying quote the news of the world and more importantly the
Jul 29, 2011 11:00am PDT
? >> eric brooks, i am here representing san francisco green party. i was glad to hear a lot of commissioners raise a lot of concerns about financials of the potential for this program rolling out. you can potentially continue it or you can send it on to the board of supervisors. i know they are hot to put something forward on the second and we might want to afford them that opportunity. that item has to do with the local power part of that item has to do with preparation work for the local build out. years ago made very clear that the more of a local build of renewables and efficiency that your cca program has, the lower your price can be to your customers and a much lower -- the lower you can get all of the risks that you are talking about. i just want to correct a little bit your general manager. the advocate side of this debate if you can call it that hasn't been saying that you can do what the staff wants to do at pge prices. we know you can't do that. what we have been saying is that if you do the robust work we ask for in the next prices to plan and to begin building and
Jul 29, 2011 3:00pm PDT
speaker. >> and eric brooks representing san francisco green party and our city. i have a quick disclaimer. neither i nor any of the organizations i represent have received a penny
Jul 29, 2011 7:00am PDT
" today to david brooks to charles krautheimer who have written basically they need to get on board with john boehner. if he is able to get the votes, then what happens next, congressman? >> well, again, that bill, the boehner plan's dead on arrival in the senate. i know the president's not%fgq g to accept it, because we're not going to go through it again in six months. and so i think they'll dipose of it, the way they dipoed of the constitutional amendment, the balanced budget amendment in the senate, and then the question will become whether they can craft anything, get 60 votes and get something that will pass over here. i think the reid plan probably would get almost every democratic vote, and so we'd need 50 votes, maybe 40 votes, from republicans to pass it. that's a viable possibility, but i'm really not sure that right now if mitch mcconnell stands firm and is able to keep his members in line, that's going to be a tough sell in the senate. and that leads the president alone to come to the rescue, and i'm one of those among the democrats here who think he ought to exercise t
Jul 29, 2011 2:30pm PDT
up to public comment. >> good afternoon yet again, commissioners. eric brooks. i'm here representing san francisco green party and local grass roots organization in our city. i would policeman phi the err of frustration but take a slightly different trajectory, as i think a lot of us as advocates, i'm sure you have seen in the media, we have our own concerns about how the s.f. p.u.c.'s program may be moving forward, what the term sheet might look like. we have for several months gone back with s.f. p.u.c. staff and s.f. p.u.c. commissioners about the specific concerns. and i think that we've reached a point in that process where since the term sheet is just sitting at the s.f. p.u.c., it's become an insillar process and it's gone forward about as well as it can go. so i would agree that it's time now that ab-117 makes the board of supervisors the implementing body for this policy. it's time now for the term sheet to move from the s.f. p.u.c. and get to the board of supervisors, where we as advocates feel like we can in a new forum that's working actually to make this pol
Jul 29, 2011 9:00am EDT
target of phone hacking. she also had a very close relationship with rebekah brooks, former editor of "news of the world" and former executive of news enter natiint. the yardi guardian newspaper reads fresh test for friendship. it says one woman was an ambitious young tabloid editor, the other a grieving mother who had just lost her 8-year-old daughter in the most horrific circumstances imaginable, but over the next decade, rebekah brooks and sarah forged a close relationship that started as a professional al partnership, but became a close friendship. rebecca brooks has responded on to this story saying it's abhor rant and news international has said that they're really concerned about this and this will be investigated. >> my guess is this will definitely not be the end of the scandal. zain verjee, thanks. >>> want to remind you once again president obama due to speak on the debt crisis in just a few minutes. 10:20 eastern time. we will carry it live. . >>> also the texas gulf coast bracing for tropical storm don, but will it rain enough to quench the drought stricken state? ere's b
Jul 29, 2011 5:00pm EDT
involving a recovery. back pain is nothing new to robert brooks. he fell down a flight of stance -- a flight of stairs. his doctor suggested a procedure that had never been done before. >> could we create a little window in the bond so that we could get a hold removal of the desk through that window. >> in march, they performed the five-hour procedure. doctors say he is better than he was before. >> your forecast. >> for the fifth time this year, the temperatures topped the 100- degree mark. we have been up to 100 degrees and that is why the heat advisory remains in effect. the only part of the state not under a heat advisory, the higher elevations. east of the mountains, it is another scorcher. 104 degrees at all -- in downtown baltimore at this hour. the old record was 99, said in 1954. you and i the atmosphere and it is tough to cool off. this is what your body feels like. it is just impossible for your perspiration to evaporate and cool you as sufficiently. it feels like 112. 104 at the airport. you can see the impact of the moisture. making those heat index values much higher. yo
Jul 29, 2011 7:00am EDT
for more than three hours. at the end of that, it was still a no. brooks could not be reached for comment. close to 10:30 p.m. party leaders agreed to withdraw their bill and make unspecified changes in the hopes of bringing in more votes. they suggest in the paper after a 9:30 meeting in the house of republicans. and "new york times," inside of the capitol yesterday, in the waning hours of the bill, appeared to turn against the speaker. some key lawmakers, a member of the leadership team, said he would join the other freshmen in his state and wrote knox and they say in a parallel reverse -- on twitter -- freedom works began to send messages pressuring members urging people at home to call members and tell them to vote. no and former governor sarah palin also got in the game posting a warning about contested primaries on facebook. let's go back to bob cusack on capitol hill and talk about the pressure on these undecided members both from other members of their conference and from constituents group outside. guest: it's just enormous as far as republican leaders trying to get membe
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Jul 29, 2011 8:00am PDT
pistol used in the 2009 attack was purchased. let's talk about it with peter brooks, he's a former cia officer and heritage fellow, a graduate of the naval academy. peter, so many strange aspects to this case. we can say, you know, great, investigators put the pieces together, and thank god for that alert clerk at the gun shop who noticed this guy acting oddly and turned him in, and yet, you know, absent one of those connections in the chain this could have been a terrible event all over again. >> yeah, i mean clearly, jon, he was a l orbs ne wolf. they are not necessarily associating with other khrab ra tores. if it hadn't been for this vigilant alert citizen reporting to the police we might have had a terrible tragedy. the other thing that really bothers me about this is the association with al-qaida in the arabian pennsylvania. we will learn a lot more about this case in the coming days, but it appears that this potential terrorist had in his possession an article from an online magazine put out by al-qaida in the arabian pennsylvania, which is probably the most active, the most dan
Jul 29, 2011 1:00pm EDT
defaults. that will do it for me. thanks for watching, have a good weekend. cnn newsroom conties with brooke baldwin. >> hello to you, i'm brooke
Jul 29, 2011 7:00pm EDT
columnist mark shields and "washington post" columnist michael gerson. david brooks is off tonight. a few moments ago, the house of representatives did, in fact, pass the boehner bill by a vote of 218 to 210. they needed 216 to pass. there were no democrats among those 218. michael, what words would you use to describe, as a result of that vote a few moments ago, where we are now? >> well, i think it would be fascinating if it weren't so frightening. we have a situation where about 10% of the republican caucus in the house wanted to humiliate their own speaker in order to get a vote on a balanced budget amendment that is symbolic and completely irrelevant to the process. i think that's a sign of weakness on the republican part. it undermined their negotiating status in the senate. i think harry reid now has a lot of cards. i think he's gone to mitch mcconnell and said, what, do your people need to support my approach, the reid approach?" and that's what i believe to be the main approach that's taken and the housing will have to look at it again and they have to pass it with democratic sup
Jul 28, 2011 5:00pm PDT
-split interview to oprah? i'm brooke anderson. >> and i'm kevin frazier. >> "the insider" is on. >> oprah, i love you. >> maria and oprah together at dinner. >> shriver scrambles with her son on the mend and still wearing his hospital i.d. bracelet. >> chris, you feel good? >> did his mom and lady "o" unite to take maria's post-scandal tell-all? >> looks like the interview will go on oprah winfrey's own network. >> kirstie's showdown. >> i did make jokes about the weight. >> you did? i have a few. >> wait a minute. >> anderson cooper dodging manhattan traffic on a bike. >> definitely dangerous sometimes. >> and -- >> gaga's tv breakdown, did she just get violent? >> then --
Jul 29, 2011 3:00am PDT
street journal says it as powerful as it gets. >> when you have david brooks from "the new york times" and others in agreement you should listen. >> up next, willie's week in review. [ p.a. announcer ] announcing america's favorite cereal is now honey nut cheerios! yup, america's favorite. so we're celebrating the honey sweetness, crunchy oats and... hey! don't forget me!! honey nut cheerios. make it your favorite too! it's schwab at your fingertips wherever, whenever you want. one log in lets you monitor all of your balances and transfer between accounts, so your money can move as fast as you do. check out your portfolio, track the market with live updates. and execute trades anywhere and anytime the inspiration hits you. even deposit checks right from your phone. just take a picture, hit deposit and you're done. open an account today and put schwab mobile to work for you. our girl's an architect. our boy's a genius. we are awesome parents! biddly-boop. [ male announcer ] if you find a lower rate on a room you've booked, we won't just match it. we'll give you $50 towards your next tr
Jul 29, 2011 5:00pm EDT
watching us here. now, wolf blitzer, "situation room" starts right now. wolf? >> brooke, thanks very much. >>> happening now, breaking news. that critical house vote on the republican debt plan back, it's back on right now, almost 24 hours after a huge rift in the party brought it to a screeching halt. do the republicans now have the 216 votes needed to pass? we're only moments away from the vote and when it happens, we'll bring it to you live right here in "the situation room". >>> plus, it's arguably his most defining moment as the house speaker. john boehner now desperately struggling to prove he has what it takes to keep a new generation of republicans in line. >>> and president obama warns, and i'm quoting him now, we are almost out of time, urging all americans to keep the pressure on washington and bring this devastating crisis to an end. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the situation room." >>> you're looking at a live picture right now of the house floor, where just a short time from now, we expect to see that critical vote on the gop debt plan. the vote was supposed to happen y
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)